June 03, 2022

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OGUZ OGUZ, 23 year old DJ and producer from the Netherlands, known for his intense sets comprised of high tempo, creative and heavy energetic sounds, always filled with surprises along the way. His first encounter with the rave scene he would later be a part of was in Amsterdam, where he got a taste of [...]


MZPERX Hard Techno/ Neorave Producer & DJ From Hungary Appeared on: Rave Alert DSR Digital Demain Kollectiv Blackworks Finder Records Dreizehn Schallplatten Supported by artists like: 999999999 Charlotte de Witte Trym Parfait ØTTA Angy Kore & Gabriel Padrevita DYEN Varya Karpova LOCATION Dortmund, Germany BOOKING info@sixsixsounds.de SOCIAL Facebook Instagram STREAM Spotify Soundcloud Beatport   BOOK [...]


MRRS MRRS, von allen Morris genannt, zeichnetsich durch melodisch tanzbaren (Hard) Trance aus. Die ersten Berührungspunkte zu softerer elektronischer Musik sammelte er vor sechs Jahren als Gast in den verschiedensten Clubs in NRW und darüber hinaus. Die letzten vier Jahre davon manifestierte er durch das Dasein als DJ seinen melodisch treibenden Trance Sound mit Acid [...]

Marco Ginelli

Marco Ginelli BIO: Marco Ginelli is a hungarian Industrial Techno DJ, producer, sound designer and label owner, who think that the techno refletc the life. He was born in 1998.  He started to producing music at 2012 as a very young. He first met the electronic music in 2010. His record label called Puzzle Music [...]

Joshua Naughton

Joshua Naughton Coming soon... LOCATION Dortmund, Germany BOOKING info@sixsixsounds.de SOCIAL Facebook Instagram STREAM Spotify Soundcloud Beatport   BOOK NOW Hard TechnoDark TechnoTechouse Close

Joey Risdon

Joey Risdon Bio :  Member of the Parisian label DUR, Joey Risdon has recently made a name for himself with his productions. Amelie Lens, Nico Moreno, Trym, Charlie Sparks or SPFDJ are among the many supports he has received so far. Each time he performs, the Canadian artist offers us a powerful and punchy set [...]


Flores Bio: Flores is a Hard Techno Dj/Producer Hailing from the midlands of Ireland. Building on developing his sound over the past year of producing , He has found himself actively appearing on Releases around Europe. With support from the likes of Nina Kraviz , Metaparaph & Don Woezik , Flores finds himself leaning towards the [...]


OTROV Bio English: Otrov is a techno-Dj  and producer from south-germany. He plays fast and hard, mostly industrial techno including vocals based on the music from the 70s,80s,90s.   He started making music in the early years of his youth. Born in 2000, the talented musician began playing the guitar at the age of nine. [...]

No Image

No Image Misha is a 23 years talent guy from Russia. He started DJing in his early 20, making his debut in Russia after traveling almost the whole country. His influence come from European music, concentrated on fast old school sounding hard style pump and reverse. He try to write the most diverse music with [...]
Nicky Schelle Artists

Nicky Schelle

Nicky Schelle Since he started to get involved into the Scene, his first events in Paris and Berlin influenced him the most. The rough and and fast techno took his heart. His music is heavily oriented on this theme but he is playing it with his own spice. It is rough and fast past but sometimes [...]
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